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"Downtime" is a word that no business wants to hear.  It means lost profits, productivity, and opportunities.  Investments in new equipment along with a highly competent and experienced group of workers are helping to widen the margins between us and our competitors.

We utilize a wide variety of test equipment like the Electrom TIG Winding Analyzer, the Dyna-Bal D5-HD Computerized Balancing Machine, and the VB2000T Vibration Analyzer to ensure quality control.  Our testing system ensures that our products and services not only meet our customer’s requirements and expectations, but exceed them.

We also offer core loss testing, a quick and efficient method for determining core losses found in the core steel of stators, rotors, and armatures.  Core loss is a significant cause of wasted electrical energy that could result from overheating during operation or during winding burnout, as well as from physical damage.  Core loss is second only to copper loss in motor windings in causing motor inefficiency.  Without core loss testing, it can not be determined that a motor is capable of operating at rated efficiency after rebuilding.

We are a member of EASA (Electrical apparatus service association.)  Doing business with an EASA member assures that your equipment will be repaired to exacting standards, using the latest equipment and techniques.