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When severe weather strikes, your power is usually the first thing to go.  Even if it’s only out for a short period of time, you’ll be reminded how important it is to maintain power in your home or business.  Permanently installed automatic home generator systems provide the peace of mind that you need when the power goes out.

The clear advantage of an automatic home standby generator system is that it turns itself on without you ever having to leave the safety of your home.  In fact, it turns itself on even if you’re away from home.  Clean, quiet, automatic backup power is just what you need to be safe, comfortable, and worry-free providing an uninterrupted life. 

We carry a wide range of portable and home standby generators.  We have something to meet every need and budget. Your home or business, and what's inside, is the biggest and most important investment you will ever make and we want to help you protect it.  

We keep YOU in POWER! 



Briggs & Stratton Fortress Standby Generators are a dealer exclusive line of Standby Generator Systems! As the authorized dealer, we have the ability to set up and run test the generators in shop, ensuring proper operation before taken to site. We offer full support and the best customer service around! Homes and businesses have a growing dependence on power. Lives have become more interconnected than ever and people rely heavily on the devices allowing that connectivity. But one power outage can disrupt everything. Be prepared.